I’ve always loved taking pictures.  This goes back to the old days when we had film and boy was that an expensive hobby.  The camera of choice back then was a Canon AE-1. 

With the digital age and various free photo editing website such as Picassa, the desire to take and show “professional” quality pictures resurfaced last summer while I was recovering from my heart attack.  Those pictures were taken with a Canon Powershot A540.  I thought the pictures were pretty decent for such a point and shoot camera!  Boy was I wrong!

A fellow CIer who loves to take pictures of God’s creations inspired me with some of the most beautifully taken pictures.  From this, came the idea to do the same thing…..


One thought on “Why?”

  1. Point and shoot cameras take good pictures…but they simply don't have the capabilities that DSLRs do. They are good, and they have so many great options now, but they are simply not good enough for what I want!I also have a film SLR camera (a 20+ year old Minolta Maxxum) that I got out in April and ran a roll through. I was hoping for dreamy, professional-looking shots. I was disappointed. Film just doesn't cut it for me anymore in this day and age of cropping and editing for the perfect shot. To say that I adore my Rebel is putting it mildly. I love that it gives me the image quality that I want, and photoediting software can give me the look that I want. Congratulations on your new toy…enjoy it! And may I suggest buying some cheap UV filters to protect your lens? They screw right over the end of the lens and they keep scratches away. You can clean them without worrying about damaging the lens. 🙂

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